Friday, December 26, 2008

Winter Time in Provo Canyon

Katie and John on Christmas day 2008 Papa Skips Home
We just finished our walkway on Christmas night after returning from Salt Lake.
This is the snow on our porch roof the windows you see are on the second floor I decided to remove the snow off the roof as it was building up as it slides off the the main roof to the porch roof.

This shot was taken from inside our bathroom window as I am on the roof of our porch you can see our shed in the background, oh and yes I did jump of the roof when I was done.

New Home in the Mountains

Here is our new Home in Provo Canyon in September. We love it here and have some wonderful neighbors.
This is a view from the front porch.

Monday, August 25, 2008


So we have moved in case you didn't know. John recieved a coaching position to coach for the Cougars! So we are back in Utah, closer to family, and enjoying the advantages the canyon has to share. IT IS GORGEOUS- a little piece of heaven if you ask me. Here is John's new chic pic. We are right next to the river. John has been fishing many a time. John also has a fly engraved on his ring- that is how big of a fisherman he is. He is quite a gentle fisherman, 98% of the time, he is throwing the fishes back into the water. Above is a creek John and I went fishing in earlier this year. He swore me to secrecy, so I cannot tell you where this is. More to come later. . .

Friday, March 7, 2008

UNLV Rebel Men Win MWC

For the fourth straight year in a row the Rebel men won the MWC swimming meet women took 2nd! This season was one of the best season in school history!

Here are some of the stats
A cuts 1
B cuts 17
School records 9
MWC records 5
1st places 10
1,2,3 in the 200bk
UNLV own all MWC relay records

A cuts 3
B cuts 20
School records 5
MWC records 3
1st places 14
1,2,3 in the mile; 1,2 500fr; 1,2 50fr; 1,2 100/200bk

Here are some pictures of our team at MWC meet

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Colorado visit / CSU swimming meet

Last week we had a meet against CSU and now since my sister's family lives 15 min. away from CSU I stayed for an extra day to visit with her boys! Our girls team one by a lot, and now we are heading into MWC meet and I think we have a really good chance to beat BYU and win our MWC. Ashley and Morgan live in a quit area and a lot of room to run around even in the home.
I enjoyed playing guitar hero with Brooks, and going to the UNC bears hockey game with Morgan. (the bears one 10-0 not bad)

Coach Jim talking with our women's team during warmup

Ashley and the boy's at the end of the swimming meet at CSU

Brooks practicing so he can play video games..

Sunday, January 13, 2008

UNLV training trip Irvine/Coronado Ca.

Training camp this year started out with rain at the begin in Irvine Ca. We swam at UCI for the first few days along with UCI's invite. Our swimmers either swam really well or they swam really slow, not a lot of in between at this meet. We spent the remaining part of our trip in the sun in Coronado off of San Diego. I was fortunate to share a two bed hotel room with Kunio and Ben. All of our training was two blocks away from our hotel at the Coronado High School pool, which was just finished a few days before we arrived. It is a great pool! We had one day off from training and I took a few swimmers surfing near Mission beach. It was cold water but it was worth the 5-6 foot waves!

Last day of dry-land on a foggy morning Coronado beach

Dry-land at Coronado Beach

Surfing-Mission Beach

Women's Team practice at SDSU

Jeff fighting off the seguals-Mission Beach

Coaching pratice at SDSU

Dry-land at Coronado Beach

D-Group practice at Coronado High

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I've been tagged!

Okay, so now it is my turn to tell six things about myself.
1. Currently, I am training for a marathon with my tagger, Meg Neff. We are planning on running the Salt Lake Marathon. We shall see if the fruits of our labor pay off. We are in our second week of training (beginning Jan. 1).
2. I used to teach music on the weekends to many, many children ranging from ages 3-11. It has been quite the experience and I am certainly glad I did!
3. Why not teach? I teach music lessons to children in my area and am looking for more students. It is so fun to have a passion I enjoy and am able to give back to the communittee.
4. For work, I am building up my own music studio. It feels so good to be doing something I enjoy. I am teaching both privately and group lessons. If you know of anyone interested in voice, flute, or piano, send them my way.
5. I met John four years ago and it took him a year and a half to finally ask me out. I am glad though because the timing had to be right. I do like to tease him about it though. Hee Hee!
6. I have been VERY impressed by John taking the initiative and starting this Blog. If you think I started this, I didn't. It is such a fun adventure to see what neat things John will do next. I think that even after two years of marriage we have just skimmed the surface of how much we really know about each other. There are always more things to know and do with each other, which I am glad. What an exciting adventure this marriage is. Thank you John for all of it!

Love your wife,
Katie Jane

My next victims are my family members. You have now all been officially tagged. If you do not have a blog, then I expect a letter with full explanation telling me why you do not have one yet. Just kidding!

Paul & Rachel tag! Peter & Suzanne tag! Morgan & Ashley, you all have been tagged! Tell me six things EACH about yourselves.